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You would like to make a hair extension on your own? No problem! 

We will send you a free illustrated instruction with all detailed descriptions. So the application of the extensions will be a cinch and you could fulfill your dream of long and full hair! Just leave a short message in your order.

Under FAQ we composed for you more important information to this topic. 

For further questions please don't hesitate to contact us. 

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Modeling: Application of extensions in the own hair through => Heat or => Weaving

Application Plier: Instrument for the application of the => Extensions

Spacer: Protector between scalp and => Connector

Bicolour: 2 colours are parallel colored in one extension strand

Bonding: Joining of keratin on the upper end of the extension strand

Bond & Extend: Special intrument to => rebond and => modeling loose hair at the same time; deside the thickness of the extensions individually

C-Curl: => Pure Lashes with the thickness of an eyelash like a eyelash permanent wave, for a stunning look

Clip-On-Weft: Wefts, which are applied in the hair temporarily with clips

Connector: Instrument for heating and melting the => Bondings

Double Tweezer: => Connector, Instument for your salon with 2 pliers, ideal for the application of 2 hair extensions at the same time

Removing Plier: Special plier for a gentle remove of the => Extensions

Extensions: Human hair strands with => Bondings for a permanent application in the own hair

Extensions Brush: Special brush with different long bristles for a gentle care of the => Extensions

Eyelash-Extensions: Bulk lashes in different styles for a permanent compression or extensions of the own lashes

Fantasy: Gaudy colored strands which don't wash out

Color Ring: Exemplary ring for the exactly definition of the color of the => Extensions or the own hair, necessary for placing an order

Finger Clips: Excellent aid to fix the => Skinny´s and seperate the hair parts

Flares =>Eyelash fans in black or dark brown, available in  4 lengths for more volume

Give Me 11 => Clip-on-Weft in straight and wavy of the => Hairoyal-Line

Hairextensions: => Extensions

Hairoyal-Line: Own import of => Extensions and => Wefts made of South Indian Remy Hair - priced by a good price-performance ratio

Invisible Tape: Special tape for the application of the => Skinwefts and => Skinny´s

J-Curl => Pure Lashes for a really natural => Eyelash extensions or compression

Jade Stone: Ideal to keep the adhesive during the eyelash application cool and liquid

Keratin: Hair own material, which is artificially created the basis for => Bondings

Keratin Pistol: Instrument to heat the => Sticks

Compression Plier: Special Plier to put pressure onto the heated and applied => Bonding - for a better hold

Microrings: Coated rings to apply = > Extensions with round I-Tip => Bondings permanently in the own hair, without heat or chemisty

Microring Extensions: Human hair strand (=> Hairoyal-Line) with I-Tip bonding for a permanently application in the own hair. Suitable to our => Microrings

Special Pad made of foam rubber: Optimal pad for taking of the eyelashes during the application

One-Clip: Extension strand with clips for a temporarily application

Primer: Pretreatment for the eyelash application, removes fats and make-up-residues; improves the durability

Pure Lashes: Fine bulk lashes in many colors, 5 lengths and 2 curls for a naturally effect of the => Eyelash Extensions

Razor: The razor (hairshaper) is a preferred aid for hair dresser to blend the applied => Extensions

Rebonds: Loose platelets for => Bondings to reuse extensions strands or to rebonds loose hair to => Extensions, made of => Keratin; you could decide about the thickness of the strands

Remover: Liquid remover to remove the => Extensions in a gentle way

Remy: Important feature of the quality, the hair has been processed in the correct growth direction

Sealer: To seal the eye lash after the application and longer durability

Shatush Effect: Color gradient within one extension strand top down

Singles: Singles lashes 4 in 1, in black or dark brown, in 4 lengths for a mascaraed effect

Skinny`s: Natural- and fantasy colored extremly fine => Wefts with a gummed Poly-Urethane-Border which will be  => taped in the hair nearly unvisible

Skinwefts: Extremely fine => Wefts with a gummed Poly-Urethane-Border which will be => taped in the hair nearly unvisible

she by SO.CAP. (SHE): Hair processing firm in Italy using Indian hair for => Hairextensions and => Wefts

Sticks => Pencil-shaped keratin to rebond extension strands or loose hair to => Extensions; to use with the => keratin pistol; you decide about the thickness of the strands

Synthetic-Extensions: Artificial hair made of kanekalon for highlights

Tape: => Invisible tape

Weft: Hair, sewn on weft ideal for weaving or application with => Clips for wefts

Clips for Wefts: Clips for the application of => Wefts

Heating Clamp: => Connector

Eyelash extension/ -compression: Permanently application for eyelashes (=> Flares, Singles or PureLashes) through a special adhesive through a trained eyelash stylist. The eyelashes fall out with the natural change of th eyelashes. So the refill becomes due after 4 - 6 weeks. There is no constraint during the gestation length, furthermore no allergies or contact lenses incompatibility.

Weaving: Fixture technique to sewn the => Weft in the own hair


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