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Step by Step:

1. You need loose hair or hair on weft.

Seperate one horizontal section with clips and take the first own hair strand. This strand should have a thickness like the extension strand. Put the extension strand over the own hair strand (1,5 cm apart from the hairline) and place both gripprs of the Hairoyal® Bond&Extend instrument on the joining.

2. Through the lever at the instrument both grippers get together and apply the soft and liquid keratin on the joining. The process is self-acting and the grippers open after a few seconds. Now the joining is completely wetted with keratin.

3. Press the keratin between your fingers and roll it a little bit. It should be closed above and below.

4. Now the joining is finished.


As needed you could rework the applied joinings with the accessory device e. g. if you feel unevenness or if one side is not completely closed. Put the teflon top on the joining, soften ther keratin and mold it.


The Removing

1. Tape the cartridge out of the Hairoyal® Bond&Extend instrument. Deselect the "Auto-Funktion" (button in front of the instrument).

2. Put one paper for perms around the joining and moisten the keratin with one drop olive or almond oil.

3. Pick the Hairoyal® Bond&Extend instrument, place it around the joining and push the lever so that the grippers get together.

4. Throught the heated teflon plates the oil under the paper get's warm and the joining unsticks. Put the instrument away, pull off the extensions strand and comb out the residues of the keratin. For stubborn residues use the accessory device, heat it with the teflon top and comb it out.


The removing is really softly because no heat or remover operates directly on the own hair!

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