bond and apply loose hair in one step

Hairoyal®<br>Bond&Extend<br>bond and apply loose hair in one step</br> Hairoyal®<br>Bond&Extend<br>bond and apply loose hair in one step</br> Hairoyal®<br>Bond&Extend<br>bond and apply loose hair in one step</br>

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New and exclusively at Hairoyal®!


It’s a worldwide patent to rebond loose or on wefts sewn hair and apply it all in one.

    *Bond and apply all in one!

    * Decide the thickness of the extensions individually!
    * Soft and invisible joinings!
    * Easy, efficient and properly application – no stick, blob or burn!
    * Gently removing with the same instrument without chemical treatment!
    * Reuse of the extensions is possible immediately after the removing!

The result are invisible and fine micro bondings with only 0,1 mm extent more than your own strand!

Hairoyal® Bond & Extend was specially developed:

    * for treatment of bald patches, loss of hair and alopecia totalis - the spot baldness of men
and women;
    * for volume and thickness;
    * for hair extensions;
    * for stylish highlights and effects in your own hair.

- The tape is 4 times stronger than the normal joinings of keratin (>800psi).

- Hairoyal® Bond & Extend can be used for all types of hair!

- No chemical treatment is harmful to the joinings either dye blonde, coloring or forming.
Also no saltwater and chlorine water is harmful to the joinings. You could go swim, have a sauna or use steam baths.

- With Hairoyal® Bond & Extend you could wear the extensions for 4 to 6 month, than you
should remove them. Through the unique feature in the instrument you could reuse the extensions immediately!

- Hairoyal® Bond & Extend doesn’t cause a tug on the own hair or create a tension.

- The only things you need is the hair, the Hairoyal® Bond & Extend – instrument and a cartridge (included in the instrument).

- With one cartridge you could bond more than 300 strands.

- With Hairoyal® Bond & Extend a complete hair extension lasts ca. 2 hours. You could bond
the hair before or bond and apply it in one step directly at the customer.

- As needed you could rework the applied joinings with the accessory device.

For questions please don’t hesitate to contact us form Mo-Fr from 9 to 6: 0351- 810 62 12!

Alles zum Nachlesen hier im Download!

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Content: Hairoyal® Bond & Extend- Instrument, Hairoyal® Bond&Extend - feature, cartridge for 300 applications, 1 x main cable, 1x adapter and DVD.

Delivery time: Immediately available.

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