Keratin Ampoules
Pack with 36 Ampoules

Hairoyal®<br>Keratin Ampoules<br>Pack with 36 Ampoules</br>

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Intensive keratin ampoule of Carin with highly concentrated and dissoluble keratin. Keratin is a hair own component and cares for shiny, healthy and silky hair. Through permanent waves, fixings, colourings and hair relaxer keratin get’s lost of the hair.

The consequence: The hair get’s lustreless and lackluster. The result are tangles.

An extra care of the extensions is definitely necessary, because the strands are not treated like the own hair. With our Hairoyal ampoules you gonna concentrate the extensions with keratin. So the hair structure get’s stronger and you get more volume and sleekness. With the help of the ampoules and the contained cystin porosity will prevent and the sulphuric pons is formed.The keratin proteins deposit on the hair and straighten it immediately. The hair extensions keep healthy and easy combable for a long time.


Instructions for use

Chemical Treatments:

Shake the ampoule well before use. Admix the content into the respective product (permanent wave, fixing, colouring, etc.).
Apply the mixture with a brush and beware the contact with the keratin joinings of the extensions.
Rinse out everything after the application time. The hair was optimal protected through the keratin ampoules.
Take 2 ampoules if your scalp is very sensitive so the scalp is more protected.

Care of the Extensions:

The keratin ampoules also attains great effects as normal hair care without chemical treatments. Shake the amoule well before use and pour the content into a conditioner and apply the product as usual. Also leave the joinings and the hairline blank. Rinse it out after 30 minutes.

It’s advisable to repeat it after 2 – 3 weeks. If the hair is marred the ampoule cure could initial used in shorter distances until the hair is completely regenerated.

The Hairoyal® keratine cure is filled in environment-friendly ampoules of glass. Though the airtight closed ampoules the quality of the product keeps retained for a long time.

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