Natural straight

SocapHAIROYAL® Skin Wefts!

Revolutionary technique of hair extension exclusively at us!

100 % unvisible
100 % uncomplicated and painless
100 % impalpable
100 % protection of the own hair

Ideal for fine, thin and sparse hair!
It's also suitable in combination with other techniques of hair extension e. g. on the upper head or forehead.
Application at a great pace: A completely hair extensions in less than one hour.
No costs of investment because you only need the Hairoyal® SkinWefts and the Hairoyal® Invisible Tape!

Anleitung Hairoyal® Skin Wefts

Anleitung in Bildern


Our Skinwefts of Hairoyal are now* available with a discount of 20 %!

*Offer valid until 23.05.2019; Only while supplies last.


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