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Practical Tips / Glossary


You would like to make a hair extension on your own or learn the hair extension methods professional?

We will send you an illustrated instruction with all detailed descriptions for free. Just request our catalogue with all instructions on the start page or per e-mail.

You would like to learn the application methods of hair extensions directly from a professional? Then sign in in the menu item Training for a training in Dresden or on our On-Tour-Appointments. So the application of the extensions will be a cinch in the future and you could fulfill your dream of long and volumous hair.

We have compiled further important information about this topic for you in the menu item FAQ

For questions please don't hesitate to contact us. 

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Modeling: Application of extensions in your own hair through => Heat or => Weaving

Application Plier: Instrument for the application of => Extensions

Spacer: Protector between scalp and => Connector

Bi-Colour: 2 colours are side by side coloured in one extension strand

Bonding: Joining made of keratin on the upper end of the extension strand

Bond&Extend: Special instrument to => Rebond and => Modeling loose hair at the same time; so you decide individually of the thickness of strands

C-Curl => Pure Lashes with the thickness of an eyelash like an eyelash perm for a stunning look

Clip-On-Weft: Weft, which is temporarily inserted into the own hair with clips

Connector: Instrument, which heats and melts => Bondings

Removing Plier: Special plier for a gentle remove of the => Extensions

Extensions: Human Hair strands with => Bondings for a permanent application in the own hair

Extension Brush: Special brush with different long bristles for a gentle hair care of the => Extensions

Eyelash-Extensions: Bulk lashes in different styles for a permanent compression or extension of the own lashes

Fantasy: Gaudy coloured strands, which don't wash out

Colour Ring: Exemplary ring for the exactly definition of the colour of the => Extensions or of the own hair - neccessary for placing your order

Finger Clips: Excellent aid to fix the=> Skinny´s and separate the hair parts

Flares => Eyelash fans in black or dark brown in 4 lengths for more volume

Give Me 11 => Clip-on-Weft in straight and wavy of the => Hairoyal-Line

Hairextensions => Extensions

Hairoyal-Line: Own import of => Extensions and => Wefts made of South Indian Remy Hair, which is characterized by a very favourable price/performance ratio

Invisible Tape: Special tape for application of the => Skinwefts and => Skinny´s

J-Curl => Pure Lashes for a very natural => Eyelash extension or compression

Jade Stone: Ideal to keep the adhesive cool and liquid during eyelash application

Keratin: Hair own material, which is artificially created the basis for  => Bondings

Keratin Gun: Instrument to heat the => Sticks

Compression Plier: Special plier to put pressure on the heated and applied => Bonding - for a better hold

Microrings: Coated rings to apply = > Extensions with round I-Tip => Bondings permanently into own hair without heat and chemistry

Microring Extensions: Human Hair strand (=> Hairoyal-Line) with round I-Tip-Bonding for permanent application. Suitable to our => Microrings

Special Pad (made of foam rubber): Optimal pad for absorbing the lashes during application

One-Clip: Single extension strand with clip for a temporarily application

Primer: Pre-Treatment of eyelash application, removes fats and Make-up residues and improves the durability

Pure Lashes: Fine bulk lashes in many colours, 5 lengths and 2 curls for a natural effect of the => Eyelash Extension

Razor: The Razor (hairshaper) is a prefered aid of hair dressers to blend the applied => Extensions

Rebonds: Loose platelets, which will be use as => Bonding to reuse strands or to bond loose hair to => Extensions - made of => Keratin; you decide of the thickness of strands

Remover: Liquid to remove the => Extensions in a gentle way

Remy: Important sign of quality; the hair has been processed in the correct growth direction

Sealer: To seal the eyelashes after the extension and for longer durability

Shatush Effect: Colour gradient within one extension strand top down

Singles: Single lashes 4 in 1, in black or dark brown, in 4 lengths for a mascaraed effects

Skinny`s: Natural- and fantasy coloured extremely fine => Wefts with gummed Poly-Urethane-Border, which will be => Taped in the own hair nearly invisble

Skinwefts:Extremely fine => Wefts with gummed Poly-Urethane-Border, which will be =>Taped in the own hair nearly invisible

she by SO.CAP. (SHE): Hair processing firm in Italy using Indian Human Hair for => Hairextensions and => Wefts

Sticks => Pencil-shaped keratin to rebond extension strands or loose hair to => Extensions; to use with => Keratin Gun; you decide of the thickness of the strands

Synthetic-Extensions: Synthetic hair made of kanekalon for highlights

Tape => Invisible Tape

Weft: Hair, sewn on weft, ideal for => Weaving or application with => Clips for wefts

Clips for Wefts: Clips for application of => Wefts

Heating Clamp => Connector

Eyelash Extensions/Compression: Permanent application of eyelashes (=> Flares, Singles or PureLashes) through a special adhesive through a trained eyelash stylist. The eyelashes fall out with the natural hair change of the self-eyelash, so a refill is due every 4 - 6 weeks. There are no restrictions during the gestation period, furthermore no allergies or contact lense intolerance.

Weaving: Application technique in which=> Weft and own hair are woven