Hairoyal Bond&Extend Bond and Apply loose hair in 1 Step

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New and exclusive at Hairoyal®! Worldwide patent to comfortably bonding and application of... more

New and exclusive at Hairoyal®!

Worldwide patent to comfortably bonding and application of loose or sewn of weft hair in one step! The result are ultrafine, invisible microbondings which are only 0,1 mm thicker than the strand itself!

    * Bonding and application in one step!
    * Determine the thickness of the strands individually!
    * Very soft and invisible joinings!
    * Easy, efficient and clean application, no sticking, blobbing or burning!
    * Gentle removing with the same instrument; without chemicals!
    * Reuse of strands immediately possible after removing!

Hairoyal® Bond&Extend has been especially developed:

    * for the treatment of bald spots and hair loss, also in alopecia areata, the circular hair loss with men as with women;
    * for volume and density;
    * for extensions;
    * for fashionable highlights and effects in the own hair.

- The bonding tape is more than 4 times as strong as the normal joinings with keratin (>800psi).
- Hairoyal® Bond&Extend can be used for all types of hair!
- No chemical treatment has a negative effect on the joinings - you can bleach, dye and reshape. Also no salt and chlorine water has a negative effect and you can go swim, use sauna or steam baths.
- With Hairoyal® Bond&Extend you can wear the extensions 4 - 6 months, then you should remove the extensions. You can reuse the extensions right away thanks to the unique bonding function!
- Hairoyal® Bond&Extend does not pull the hair and also does not build tension.
- You only need the raw hair, the Hairoyal® Bond&Extend-Instrument and a cartridge (included in the instrument).
- More than 300 strands can be bonded with 1 cartridge.
- A complete hair extension lasts ca. 2 hours with Hairoyal® Bond&Extend. You can pre-bond the hair or bond and apply it in one step directly to the customer.
- With the additional instrument you can rework the joinings if neccessary.

Instruction for Application and Removing

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Content: Hairoyal® Bond&Extend-Instrument, Hairoyal® Bond&Extend- additional Instrument, Cartridge for 300 applications, 1 x Main Cable, 1 x Adapter and Learning-DVD

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